Sri Sharabeswara swamy

Sri Sarabeswara


Sri Sarabeswara or Sarabeswaramurthi is the “Sharabha” is the fierce form of Lord Shiva. Sarabha is a mythical creature, that according to Hindu mythology is eight-legged and more powerful than a lion or an elephant, possessing the ability to clear a valley in one jump. which is said to be more powerful than a Lion or an elephant.

According to Shiva scriptures and Puranas, Lord Shiva assumed the form of Sharabha to pacify Lord Narasimha, a fierce avatar of Lord Vishnu.

The Shiva Purana, the Sharabha Upanishad portrays Sharabha with two heads, two wings, eight legs of the lion with sharp claws, and a long tail. Kalika Purana describes Sharabha as black in colour, with four feet downwards and four feet uplifted, with an enormous body and also has a long face and nose, nails, eight legs, eight tusks, a cluster of manes, a long tail, and a loud cry.

Sharabeshwarais specifically defined in texts such as Kamikagama and Sritattvanidhi. In Kamikagama, Sharabha is described in the form of a bird with golden color, with two uplifted wings, two red eyes, four legs in the form of a lion touching the ground, and four legs with claws upwards, and with an animal tail. The top part of the body is shown as human but with the face of a lion with an ornamented crown; side tusks are also depicted giving an overall frightening sight. It also shows the Narasimha beneath Sharabha’s legs.

In the Sritattvanidhi, Sharabeshwara is described as having thirty arms. Arms on the right hold Thunderbolt, Mushti, Abhaya, Chakra, Sakti, Staff, Goad, sword, khatvanga, Axe, Akshamala, a bone, bow, Musala, and fire. The left hands display noose, Varada, Mace , Arrow, Flag, and another type of Sword, a snake, a lotus flower, skull cup, ustaka, plough, and Mrudanga along with Goddess Durga. This form is worshipped to give good luck, cure all diseases and destroy all enemies.

In Buddhism, Sharabha appears in Jataka tales as previous birth of Buddha.

It is believed that Sarabeshwara Avatar  was taken on Vaishaka Purnima.

Sarabeshwara is a destroyer of evil, and a great protector. He blesses the devotees with fearlessness and strength to face the troubles in life. His worship can remove all the negative forces and ensure success. The Lord has control over nature too and can protect the land and its people from natural calamities. Praying to him can also eliminate obstacles in marriage, bestow progeny, clear debts, and neutralize the evil effects of black magic.

The sacred scriptures prescribe Homam, Abishekam, Pooja/Archana, Yantra and Mantra as different means to connect to God. Sharabesara homam is very powerful to destroy negativity of all forms like negative energies, health problems, negative people, or situations in your life. He protects us from harm and evil and motivates us on the spiritual path.